The white man has a popular saying that goes,he who laughs last,laughs best and guess who is laughing best now….yah right Zuena Kirema the owner of Zuena pastries and wife to musician Bebe Cool is laughing last and hard.

Barely 6 weeks ago,the brown hot mother of 5 came out and asked the government to renovate the Old taxi park now that the same government had banned public transport(taxis in particular) and the taxi park was empty.

Zuena’s first post.

Fans came out to bash and called her all sorts of names plus attacking her on tribal lines and much as she came out to try and make people see sense of her submission,a section of Ugandans on social media felt she should shut up and sit down something she did.

Her clarification.

Just yesterday,construction work aimed at renovating the Old taxi park kicked off and this is expected to last close to 3 months the same idea Zuena had asked government and KCCA to consider during this lock down and instead she was bashed.

Guess what Mzungu said is true then…HE WHO LAUGHS LAST,LAUGHS BEST.

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