Zarinnah Hassan aka Zari is a woman on cloud 9.Many of you have been seeing her very happy of late and wondering whats really making Zari so happy of late.Many speculated that she had found love in Grenade a budding musician in Uganda but dont be fooled,we can reliably confirm Zaris source of joy and happiness these days.

Well just 2 weeks ago,Zari who was in town received letters of administration to the late Ivan Semwangas estate and now has full authority over it alongside two of his relatives we cant identify readily.Our sources at Makindye court told us that the socialite who has been chasing after these letters since the death of Ivan successfully got them beating Ivan’s relatives and family to them.

A war erupted minutes after Ivan was declared dead at Steve Biko hospital in South Africa over Ivan’s property.The battle has gone on for all these years and Zari has emerged victor.We are yet to know the extent of the riches Zari takes over authoritatively but all we know is that Ivan was a wealthy man.

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