NBS TV’s Zahara Ttoto has officially dumped her chubby South Sudanese boyfriend Taban Solomon AKA Don Solo through a series of vulgar posts on her Snapchat. Zahara accuses her ex bonk mate of bedding sluts off Instagram. Totto first dumped Don Solo after he gifted her a stolen BMW as her birthday present hence replacing her with a one Robert Reuben who later dumped her aswell. Since then Totto embarked on winning Don Solo back but the fraudster moved on with a hot and sweet, Queen Ann Love. Zahara has attacked and exposed her ex- bonkmate’s new catch but the giant Solo instead advised her to back off his new bae. “Y’all whores who been sleeping with my boyfriend can now enjoy him officially!Have left the anus! Enjoy yourselves” –Zahara Totto captioned before officially announcing her single status.

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