In less than two hours,Ugandans are going to experience curfew that was last seen in the late 70s almost 40 years ago.In his address last night,Yoweri Museveni announced that he had set a curfew that will begin from 7pm to 5am.

This means that every Ugandan must be inside the house and no one should be seen roaming around the streets.Much as its a shock to some people,many young Ugandans are excited about this curfew as most have never experienced this and only heard of it in stories.

The last curfew imposed in this country was around 1978 during Idi Amins regime as the Tanzanian forces were attacking Ugandan something that forced Amin to curtail illegal movements at night.

The curfew was so strict that if you were found breaking it,you never appeared again anywhere alive again.Such stories have been a myth to many Ugandans especially the millenials and now they feel this is a chance to experience the dictionary word CURFEW firsthand and also have mythical stories to tell their children.

Tonight we have a chance to live and make history first hand and so we shall stay up all night and make history alive and together,20 year old Joel Grace Madaala a student of psychology at Makerere University told pals in one of his watsapp groups.

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