“You treated me like a common thief” – OMAH LAY HITS AT UGANDAN AUTHORITIES.

Upon reaching home, Nigerian artiste, Stanley Omah Didia aka Omah Lay has accused Ugandan authorities of treating him like a common thief. OmahLay, Tems and other accomplices were arrested on Monday, charged charged with the offense of neglect act likely to spread of infectious disease for performing at an illegal concert that was organized at Ddungu Resort, Munyonyo on Saturday night. OmahLay, Tems and seven others were remanded but after the pressure from both Ugandan and Nigerian music fans and artists, Nigerian High Commission, the state dropped the charges and they were released on Tuesday.

After jetting in Nigeria last night, he thanked musicians, the celebrities, fans, family, friends, his Label and The Nigerian High Commission in Uganda but forgot BebeCool who fought tooth and nail to have him released. He says he was treated like a common thief. “The past few days have been some of the toughest of my life that I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. Out in a new country with some beautiful people, the next thing I’m being treated like a common thief” The 23-year-old singer has decided to put the past behind him but blames the event organizers (Kasana Events’ East Meets West Ug) for not being honest enough. He said he is intention was not to harm the revelers who turned up in big numbers.

Also I wanna clarify that putting you in harms way was never my intentions! Before we came out to Uganda, the show promoters confirmed and proved to us they’d secured all the clearances which of course included Covid 19 compliance….

— Omah Lay (@Omah_Lay) December 17, 2020

Since Covid 19 struck, the art industry have been hit hard and in most countries, gatherings are not allowed. Earlier this week, word had started spreading that Concerts and entertainment centers were opened but the Ministry of Health came out and dismissed the rumor. The Ministry says only Cinemas were allowed to open but must observe the SOPs.

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