This morning a few minutes after we posted on this website that Chameleon was facing arrest after his scuffle with a URA enforcement officer yesterday,a team from the URA enforcement department was dispatched to Brian White Kirumira’s place in Buziga where they had got info that Chameleon and his white V8 wanted car were.

Upon arrival,the security at Brian white’s home was not readily welcomed something that went on for almost 6 hours but eventually they accessed the place and impounded the car but the owner evaded arrest as he had earlier on disappeared in thin air.Currently the white V8 registration number SSD 499B.

One may be forced to ask why URA has stuck on Chameleon’s case like his the first but our sources within URA tell us that its been a long time coming. Chameleon is not a man known for paying taxes and this isn’t the first time he has had issues with URA. In 2014,hours before his BADILISHA concert,URA impounded his monster Escalade car over a debt of 42m accumulated from previous shows in form of Income and Value added tax.It took the intervention of promoter Balaam to help clear the debt and get his car released after the show.

About this car,insiders tell us that URA has for over 2 years asked Chameleon to clear taxes for that car. Chameleon brought in that car after the Christmas of 2018 as a gift from a fan in Juba where he had gone to perform.He has since defaulted on paying the actual taxes for the car and getting Ugandan number plates on it.

However,close friends to Chameleon say he is being witch hunted after top NRM officials talked him into either quitting politics or changing his allegiance from DP to NRM something he has refused to do.They believe they are trying to squeeze him to make sure he feels the pain and adheres to their request something they say he has vowed never to do.

Chameleon’s whereabouts arent known as of now but URA is still in need of him and wants to produce him before the courts of law for tax evasion and obstruction.

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