TV star Zahara Ttoto wasted no time in replacing her big papi boyfriend who dumped her days back. Zahara who would be nursing a broken heart now shared a cozy video of her and her bold headed new catch identified as Robert Reubent to sting his ex-lover Don Solo. Robert just like Don Solo is also a loaded guy who owns the University of Pain Fitness Foundation and BetOn sports betting with shares in several other sports betting companies among other investments. Close sources to the pair revealed to this website that Robert has been secretly feasting on Zahara’s goodies for a while now. The sources further reveal that Robert was main sponsor behind Zahara’s vacation to Mombasa in February 2020 the time she first broke up with her giant ex-lover Don Solo. It’s reported that Ttoto had a nasty break up with Robert after her return from Mombasa, so she re-United with Don Solo until their official breakup days back. Let’s hope this time round, Zahara is there to stay.

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