What happened in the 1980s?

A civil war is defined as a violent conflict between a state and one or more organized non state actors in the state’s territory. With that knowledge, it must be remembered that Uganda was involved in a civil war between February 1981 and January 1986. A war that hence brought a government that’s ruled since then to date; as of 27/12/2020. Making it close to four decades. The causes of the Luweero bush war are the reasons we may need to juxtapose the 1980 elections and those of 2021. However, it does not tend to predict that the aftermath of the 2021 election shall be civil war but that the events that happened then must have been worse, similar or even lighter.
The 1980 elections were after the overthrow of Dictator Amin and the results showed that the Uganda People’s Congress(UPC) had won by 75 seats of 126 followed by Democratic Party with 50 and the Uganda Patriotic Movement(UPM) with 1 and the Conservative Party(CP) didn’t get a seat. The Opposition, under the leadership of Yoweri Museveni, also party president for UPM claimed the votes were rigged! The result was unity to form NRA(National Resistance Army(NRA) and go to the bush in contest for the results, or even put an end to the Obote regime!
Fast- forward to July 1985, Tito Okello Lutwa overthrew Obote’s government, and called for a peace coalition with the Opposition groups; the NRA refused to compromise with the government. Whether it was still in disagreement of the 1980 elections is a question that can be answered by those that led the NRA then!
Describing the course of the Luweero war, to reasons as to why we celebrate January 26th every year as our liberation day seems less of importance in this day, but what cannot be ignored is why we celebrate liberation day or even whether we deserve to celebrate it anymore. Unscrupulous arrests like that of Nicholas Opiyo, a human rights lawyer; for whom an abduction was thought to be better than court summon, arrests of opposition candidates vying for the country’s top office in the most illicit manner, shootings from the Police Force that has to protect and serve or even the People’s Defence Forces are regarded stray bullets a numerous times bring on a lot of questions with very few answers.
“Without extensive support by sympathetic civilians during their early insurgency, Museveni’s troops would have been easily crushed in 1981.” Wikipedia writes about the Luweero war! The statement is not as light as it seems, it clearly identifies that the 1980 elections were rigged, and also that the people were tired of the atrocities of the government. It’s for that, that the concerns come, if censoring of journalists, shooting at Presidential candidates, shooting media personnel, illegal arrests and formidable charges, having opinions as inciting statements among others are all seen as the normal and must be pro government acts, what happened in the 1980s that pushed the incumbent to the bush, and elicited Ugandans to support a bush monger?

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