Weasel threatens to Marry Spice Diana after her meeting his mum

Good Lyfe singer, Weasel Manizo wants to marry Spice Diana. In a Facebook post, Weasel captioned a picture Spice Diana kneeling down greeting his mum and said, “I think I should marry this year, what do you think gyal Spice Diana? “.In another picture of Spice posing with Weasel’s dad, the ‘Wigle Wigle’ singer also captioned saying that he is soon bringing a wife home. “MR MAYANJA senior, kiwede omugole muleeta,” he said. However, fans have warned Weasel to say away from Spice Diana claiming that the Good Lyfe Star is abusive. On tghe other hand, Spice Diana just days ago releveled that marriage is not yet her thing and she will look at it later, something that puts Weasle’s chances lower. Even if Weasel is serious with his plans, we doubt if manager, Lubega Roger would allow his ‘meat’ to leave him, another fan commented.

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