World war 3 may be nearer than we thought and this won’t start from the tension between America and China or America and Iran, but rather here in the banana republic. Information we are getting from a series of meetings that are being held is that handlers of the first lady are bitter and determined to bring the speaker of parliament to her knees after what they called a humiliation towards the first lady. Trouble stems from the summons sent to the first lady who is also the minister of education about the new curriculum.

Much as the curriculum was passed, the speaker of parliament had summoned the first twice something her handlers thought was demeaning. We have since learnt that a group of busoga Mps has already been approached and is awaiting facilitation to see how they can tame Kadaga.

We cannot reliably confirm if the first lady has a hand in this but her handlers are engaging the busoga Mps to help them launch a war that will see Kadaga lose her seat and credibility.

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