Many Ugandans have been asking about the whereabouts of the Ugandan Vice president especially in these trying times when almost everyone in the government is busy with one thing or another.Our own vice president has been a no show unlike other vice presidents that stand next to their heads of state especially in these trying times of the COVID 19,our VP seems to have gone AWOL like he has been most of the time since his appointment as VP something that has left Ugandans wondering wassap with him.

Our snoops have been trying to find out where he is and as you read this the man from Masaka has reappeared and not in public but on twitter.Mr.Sekandi came out of the blue today and tweeted a Easter message to Ugandans.

We donno if he is back for good or his back to his home to enjoy his favorite beer but at least now we know where to find him when we need him.

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