Unanswered questions of the Bobi-NBS Letter.

Without internet, we all engaged in different chores as different media houses chose to be the eye where we were not; just as they have to do! The close to four days without internet were some of the longest days in my life, except for those when I expected UNEB results. I was taken in between watching TV, sleeping, playing candy crush and repeating it over and over again. The time I got hold of the remote was changing among NBS, NTV, and BBS for who had a better analyst at what time….

On one evening, I saw the meticulous Canary Mugume clad in a navy blue suit(if my memory serves me right anyway)taking us around the “Next Media Tally centre.” The kind gesture of pride got me thinking and affirming that, it is the Political Command center. I, however; asked my cousin Michael what could happen if the Next Media tally centre had different results from the National Tally Centre in Kyambogo.”I don’t know, and am not a politician,” he said…and we left it at that!

Days later, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobiwine pens down a letter dated 27th January, 2021 to the Next Media CEO Kin Kariisa protesting against NBS TV; which he says joined with other actors to defeat the will of the Ugandan people. “It is unfortunate that you used your station to conspire with the regime in order to defeat the will of the people of Uganda,” the letter says. Bobi wine; in his tweet, further adds that NBS was at hand to assist the dictatorship relay cooked figured.

On posting the letter on Bobiwine’s socials, I asked myself two questions; for what its worth, was it necessary, why is a letter addressed to a CEO on the addresser’s social media? Maybe, it did not get the reception it deserves, or maybe its a political move…my mind kept debating! I then remembered when H.E Y.K. Museveni told Joseph Sabiiti, an NBS reporter that his station is a bad one…I then brought up the issue for debate with my friends as we had an evening walk, and the reply was fair enough, “It’s only just for a customer to give genuine feedback to his service providers to improve the service,” one of my friends said, “But should I put in my feedback or complaint on radio even after giving the Manager notice, ” I asked. “Yes!” they all replied in chorus.

The message from Bobiwine immediately called for a #Boycot NBS hashtag, and by press time, Next Media has not come out to reply to any of these criticisms.However, there are still many unanswered questions, Even with the disclaimer that the results NBS was airing out were not the “REAL” results, did they have the authority to do what they did? What was NBS’ source of results? What is the real stand of democracy? Is everyone supposed to be with you or against you?….the list of questions is endless but one question with a clear answer is, do we want to hear what need to hear? No, we don’t!

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