“Ugandans must appreciate the little we’re going to give them,” says PM Nabbanja

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has disclosed that they are only waiting to verify the data of vulnerable groups being collected by the Local Council authorities before they can start the distribution of mobile money next week on July 6. Nabbanja said she has heard the public complain about government giving each household only Shs100,000. She explained that government had no money and the public should appreciate the little they are set to get. “Ugandans must appreciate the fact that we have managed to find a small figure to enable the COVID-19 relief program. We had to suppress some other sectors to get the money. This is why it is very little,” said Nabbanja.She revealed that the taskforce will give money to one vulnerable in each household. “In the case of more than one COVID-19 relief beneficiary, we will give the most vulnerable one. If the husband is a boda-boda rider and the wife a bar attendant, we will give the wife considering the husband can still work,” she said. Nabbanja has applauded the on-going lockdown saying figures from ministry of health indicate that the COVID-19 cases are starting to reduce. “I was talking to the Ministry of Health and I was informed that the number of positive cases a day is reducing. Of course, we attribute this to the lockdown. This makes us hopeful that the war can be won,” she said.

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