Tooro Kingdom Supreme Council Spokes Person Resigns.

Tooro Supreme Council spokesperson Saul Mugasa has resigned from his office due to irreconcilable differences and mismanagement by Tooro King Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV.
Through a letter, Mugasa informed the Kingdom that after having served in various capacities, for 22 years, his conscience dictated that this was the right time to lay down his tools.
Mugasa requested the kingdom to urgently set -up a committee of stakeholders to investigate the misuse of the shillings 2 billion compensation the government paid to the kingdom.
“These assets and compensation are for the people of Tooro hence are meant to be seen to benefit the people. I request a committee of stakeholders urgently be set up to consult the people of Tooro on their views regarding the management of the returned assets and compensation…,” Mugasa said.
Mugasa also accuses the Kingdom’s administration of failing to respect the arms of the kingdom.
“The kingdom arms are the Orukurato Orukuru headed by the Rwigi and the cabinet headed by the Omuhikirwa. For all the years I have served in the kingdom, many of your people especially regents and the palace establishment always undermined the role of those arms”. Mugasa said.
However, Tooro‘s Minister of Information, Charles Mwanguhya denied knowing about these accusations made against the king.
“I am not aware. He should describe that himself. He must have evidence to pin the king for such a crime…,” Mwanguhya said.
He added“And any advice intended to make the kingdom better is and should be worked on as an advice…,”

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