Ex lovebirds Singer Diamond Platnumz and socialite Zari Bosslady have dominated the showbiz world and news over issues related to their alleged Re-Union. On Thursday, Zari landed in Tanzania accompanied by her two children she sires with Diamond, who was at hand to welcome them. This drew excitement from their fans who were happy that their stars were making up. However Zari Hassan cleared the air over rumors that she was getting back with her Tanzanian baby daddy claiming they are only co-parenting. “We’re co-parenting and even if he got somebody, I can still come because it’s home for the kids regardless of what happened between us. A lot of people are saying we gotten back (but) no I’m just here for the kids.” “ the 40-year-old clarified to a battery of journalists who stormed her for clarification. After their nasty break-up in 2018, the two former lovers had not been on talking terms for over a year with Zari accusing Diamond of being a deadbeat dad to Nylan and Tiffah. Few months back the two buried the hatchet and that is when the rumors of them getting back together started gaining traction. Besides everything, Diamond needs Zari more than Zari needs him unlike the popular thinking that it’s the other way round. In their Genesis, Zari did a lot for Diamond to Up his game and career. It’s believed that Zari financed some of Diamonds first music video projects. Unlike other Women Diamond has dated, Zari stands out because she brought something onto the table as she was already an established business woman. Diamond consolidated his position in the music industry at a time he was with Zari and therefore the blessings Zari brought in his life were unmatched. With this mutual secret between the two, their chances of getting back together are high.

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