Former Presidential press secretary, Joseph Tamale Mirundi wants to know why Ugandans pay attention to Bad Black when she is communicating to them and why she is taking center stage in today’s politics. In an exclusive interview on Kasuku Live YouTube channel, Tamale who is known for having a book about every situation said that Bad Black has a unique element which he wants to discover. “I am looking forward to meeting Bad Black simply because I want to write a book with her. There is an element that I see within her,” said Tamale. He added that today’s voters want to listen to people like Bad Black because they have lost confidence in the elites who have stayed in power for long. Tamale also said that he wants to understand whether it’s Bad black’s communication style that easily fits in today’s voters or its frustration driving the voters. “Today’s voters have withdrawn their confidence from the educated and elite. None the less they might be only interested in entertainment. I want to understand why people look out for Bad Black’s opinions ,” said Tamale.

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