Former Senior Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has defended embattled former Busiro South MP Peter Sematimba on the viral reports he sexually molested and impregnated his housemaid.

Several media outlets in the country have been awash with stories of the politician’s scandal with ex lover whom he sexually molested while still a minor and sired a baby girl with over a decade ago.

Speaking on one of the local Television Stations early this week, Joan Namatovu narrated how the sex hungry pastor sweet talked her, then merely 17 years until she lost control and became a perennial bedroom item for the Super FM proprietor.

The scandal has since attracted carrying reactions from the public,with many castigating the former MP for stooping too low to sleep with a mere maid.

Others have however sided with the politician, insisting there is no problem with him sleeping with whoever he feels like as long as he has the feelings. Besides, these suggest that since Sematimba did not use force on the teenager then, there are no strong grounds to hold him culpable.

One such proponents is motor mouthed social and political commentator Tamale Mirundi who underestimated the issue saying it was of no big deal.

He ultimately stated that, ” What men look for in women is not education or class.”

He explained that regardless of the differences in social stratifications, women’s private parts are the same and thus there needn’t be any reasons for one to judge another over the class of woman he slept with.

“What men look for in women doesn’t not speak English neither does it go to school. These are the same things,” he argued.

” Some men are enticed by how a woman sings ” sisiri” – the national anthem. This is not sung in English,” Mirundi added.

https://youtu.be/JQT42oRIiv8 Using current Army Spokesperson Brig. General Flavia Byekwaso to exemplify his point, Mirundi explicitly elucidated that professors and women in big military positions like Byekwaso too undress their titles as they get to make love with their spouses.

“Say for instance a woman like Byekwaso, does she get into bed with a generals title while making love? Does the man even understand her military conducts like saluting?” Mirundi asked as his show host – Kasuku continuously shook his head in agreement.

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