Businessman Suudi Lukwago aka Suudiman has declared his unending love for Prim Asiimwe a radio presenter with Kansanga based Galaxy Fm. Suudi a former booking agent for international musicians stormed Facebook this week and wondered if Prim was single or married.

He then went ahead to stake 300 dollars to whoever has the details or contacts to Prim whom he thinks is the answer to all his love dreams.

Suudi then placed acres of land a brand new V8 and 200 cows if Prim was single and not married.

This did not go down well with Alex Muhangi a city comedian and organiser of the weekly Comedy Store show. Muhangi dared Suudi to post his bank balance before he even dreamt of his woman but Suudi seems so determined to win the sexy Prim.

Alex Muhangi and his wife Prim Asiimwe.

Speaking to us via Phone from South Sudan,Suudi said he is willing to do anything to take Prim from Muhangi because they aint married legally.We await to see how far this will go.

This is not the first woman Suudi has wanted,he has for now close to 5 years lusted over Bukedde Tv’s Fifi Da Queen and at one time alleged to have had hot sex with her and children.

Suudi Lukwago aka Suudiman.
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