Supreme Mufti Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa resigns

Supreme Mufti Sheikh Siliman Kasule Ndirangwa has resigned. In his short address on Thursday night, Ndirangwa cites fights within the Kibuli establishment for his resignation. “I would like to tell you that I have resigned as the Supreme Mufti of Uganda. I have taken the decision for the good of Islam,” he said. He added that as a leader he couldn’t keep on fighting with elders in Islam over certain issues. “That’s why I have decided to resign so that I can also pave way for other leaders to take charge from where I have stopped.” Sheikh Ndirangwa was named Supreme Mufti to head the Kibuli based Muslim faction in 2015. He replaced Sheikh Zubair Kayongo who passed away in April, 2015 at Agha Khan Hospital in Tanzania. Before becoming Supreme Mufti, Ndirangwa Served as the District Kadhi of Kampala for almost five years. He is well known for his preaching against moral decadence in society, encouraging family bonds and reverence of God. Sheikh Ndirangwa has been very instrumental in the struggles to bring sanity in the Muslim community that has been tainted with management wrangles.

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