There is a prayer event that has been organized to specifically remember the lives of the late singer and vocalist Ssekibogo Moses aka Mowzey Radio and Dancehall King Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47. This prayer even is themed “Praying for Mowzey Radio and AK47” that is slated to take place on the 14th of March this year 2021. It will happen from St Matia Mulumba Church that is located on Kampala road. We are reliably informed that, this event is organized by the Mayanja family. Everyone has been invited to attend and send their prayers to the souls of the departed singers. According to sources, this prayer day is to help fans of the late singers meet and remember the lost talents. This is expected to be a prayer mass of it’s kind and it is set to see things fall apart again and fresh in people’s hearts, as they believe the dead continue to rest peacefully. The two singers died from injuries sustained from sad events that happened from bars, and the two are connected under the Mayanja family something common and connecting the deaths of the two singers.

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