Info reaching our desk shows that self-styled city moneybags is a very angry and bitter man and has thrown his wife Vivian Mbuga out of their palatial home in Buziga.Sources near Mbuga told us that Mbuga who until last year was caged in Denmark had decided to call it quits with the woman he wedded 3 years ago.

Upon his return from prison, Mbuga was infuriated with rumors that his dear wife had been serving the dicot to everyone but more especially to upcoming singer Grenade official. This angered the tycoon and he set out to investigate the rumors and upon getting the truth, Mbuga threw out Vivian.

The revelations were damning something that left Mbuga in utter shock, our source told us. Such betrayal is what has pushed Mbuga to push out Vivian, he added.

We have tried contacting Vivian and Mbuga but they couldn’t offer any comment as they asked to leave them enjoy their life.

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