Sheebah Karungi was celebrating her 31st yesterday but she will never forget that day; Total disaster. As the birthday celebrations and partying went on at Sheebah Karungi’s red terrace bar, Police stormed the place accusing the revelers of violating Presidential directives on Covid-19 standard operative procedures (SOPs). On Monday, Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng announced that the government will ease on on the measures in a move to open up the country following an initial lockdown over the covid-19 pandemic effective November 14th. Unfortunately, Sheebah’s birthday came earlier before new measures take effect. No single reveler was allowed to move out. We are not yet sure what the police is going to do with the revelers. It should be noted that police has been arresting and aligning the revelers in courts of law for defying the presidential directives on Covid-19 SOPs. We shall keep u posted.

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