Singer and former Bukedde TV presenter Sherry Matovu has waged fresh war on NBS tv’s Anna Talia Ozie. In a Facebook live video, Sherry said that Anna holds a grudge on her because she was fired from Delta TV and was replaced by her on the same program. She further explained that it is the reason why she throws shade on her beauty bleaching products every time the duo (Zahara Totto and Anna Talia) runs a story about her. “The fact that you work on Tv does not mean that you made it in life, many people out there are more well of than you are even if you work on Tv. Every time you people run a story about me, you throw shade on my Bleaching products saying that I look ugly,” She partly said. “Anna Talia is just feeling jealous because I am far better than her, I am more beautiful than her,” Sherry said. She also went on and bragged that Anna Talia has been beefing her right from their secondary school times over her boyfriend. When Anna Talia was contacted for any comments following the fire, she said that Sherry is her friend and she can’t talk bad things about her friend. “I have no comment about that issue because Sherry is my friend. Those are women’s issues and I can’t talk about them,” Anna Talia said.

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