Former NTV Da beat and Style project presenter Sheila Gashumba has gone below the belt and hit her former employers right below the belt.

As the battle of the disco between Ntv and Nbs took shape last nite,Sheila threw a spanner in the works when she out of the blue came out and condemned Ntv for not paying its presenters well a reason she says is behind the lag NTV is facing as NBS takes its place.

Sheila went ahead to give details about how she was being paid 50000 shillings per show equating to 1 million shillings a month.She also said she was paid 100k per show for Style project yet she could spend close to 1m per show in outfits.

A vividly angry Sheila said no one should call her to ask her to pull down her posts on top of revealing how her father used to tell lies about her salary and fame.

Sheila then concluded that she would rather be gods plans’ wife than be famous but broke.

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