During singer, Rema Namakula’s ‘Kukyala’ ceremony in November 2019, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata came out and attacked Kenzo by telling him ‘Genda owase nyoko’ (Go marry your mother). Muzaata was responding to Eddy Kenzo’ delay to marry Rema after Dr. Hamza Sebunya made a move and married her off. Muzaata’s statements angered Eddy kenzo who was by then in the USA and vowed to stage a protest when he jets in the country if; Muzaata doesn’t apologize. Later, Muzaata cooled the heat and apologised to ‘Kana Kambata’. “Dear my Son Idris Musuza aka Eddie Kenzo, first I apologize for what the social media users seem to be wrongly perceiving as well others are taking it as in insult directed toward you. I did not mean to attack Eddy Kenzo as a person neither did my message target someone. It was generic. I kindly and humbly apologize to the public for the word I used that “Wasa nyoko” literally meaning, “Marry your Mother”. It was a slip of the tongue”, Muzaata said. Since the apology, Muzaata and Kenzo have never met physically but yesterday, they managed to meet at a party and Kenzo showed maturity, shook hands with the motor-mouthed Sheikh as a sign of reconciliation. At the same party, Rema was singing for the guests and she met with Kenzo for the very first time since their separation although they didn’t get to speak one on one.

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