Pressure Mounts As MUK Fails to trace Bobiwine’s mature entry and bio data forms

Makerere University fails to furnish City lawyer Male Mabirizi with Certified copies of application and Biodata forms and academic transcripts of National Unity Platform Party President Robert Kyagulanyi, after failling to trace the said records due to the ongoing digitalization of all students records and COVID-19 pandemic that forced many staff members from the Senate building to stop working after contracting the virus.

In reply to Mabirizi’s letter dated 20th August 2020, Alfred Masikye Namoah, the academic registrar Makerere University says , they were only able to trace only a copy of Kyagulanyi’s first year registration form from the college registry and promises to avail Mabirizi with all the required documents after the finalization of the digitalization process.

However, basing on the registration copy that he was furnished with, Mabirizi claims that Kyagulanyi was illegally admitted by Makerere University for a Diploma in Music, Dance and Drama in 2000 at 20 years, yet Mabirizi claims that Bobiwine was required to be atheist 25 years old. Mabirizi further claims that Kyagulanyi had just sat S.6 in 1998, yet the policy required at least 5 years after formal Education.

In his letter, Mabirizi seeks to have Kyagulanyi’s Diploma cancelled on grounds that he flouted the Mature age entry policy 2000 on grounds that he was below age by the time he was admitted for the said mature age entry diploma since he was born in 1980 on August 12th. Mabirizi further claims that Kyagulanyi should be legally punished on allegations of Fraud, since he was on government sponsorship basing on his mature entry, which Mabirizi claims he was not qualified for. CC:SPRINTMAGAZINE

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