As the country is still in shock over Peter Sematimba and his woeful actions of siring a kid from his housemaid despite being married, fellow pastor Martin Sempa has advised the embattled politician to come out and apologise to the entire nation. Sempa who was equally shocked said that it was a pity that a person of Sematimba’s stature could do such a shameful act. “I don’t know what’s really wrong with the men of God. It’s a shame that a man like Peter Sematimba did such an act of sleeping with his maid yet he’s legally married. Yes as man, he might have got tempted but it’s unacceptable for a man like him. I saw him because he was my area MP. I went to see him on the rallies and saw how he was all full of pride. And women are all excited about him because of his make up.” Sempa called upon president Museveni to look into the family matter because it’s the base of the nation. He said that he called upon the President sometime back to grant a cabinet ministry to deal with family issues. He said the ministry of gender where the family unit falls is not the right place. This is because the ministry is more concerned with male and female issues plus advancing women empowerment. Sempa added that he was offering himself as the minister for this ministry in order to counsel and guide family members. The vocal pastor concluded by calling upon Sematimba to come out and apologize publicly. “Sematimba should come out and apologise just like the retired archbishop Stanley Ntagali did so that we can know he’s sorry. He should follow his maids footsteps who came out and acknowledged that what she did was wrong. Jesus is soon coming back and wants to salvage sinners.” Sempa concluded.

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