Nakawa based Pepsi soda has today under their company Crown beverages Limited handed over a cheque worth 760m and a car to the national task force on COVID 19.Crown beverages had earlier donated water and health kits to the ministry of health but today they decided to go a step higher by adding money and a car.

Meanwhile their main competitor COCA COLA had earlier been appreciated by the president during his televised speech to Ugandans.The head of state appreciated Coca Cola for donating 187 jerrycans to the fight against the COVID 19 something that left many Ugandans infuriated and they took to social media to banter and querry exactly what those 187 jerrycans were meant to do in the fight against the Corona Virus and why with all the money they make they could offer only 187 empty jerrycans.

The Ministry of Health came out and clarified that Century Bottling company,(Cocacola) had donated far more than what Ugandans claim is mere jerrycans.

“Coca-cola was one of the first companies that came to our rescue when we needed items like water, water containers for our quarantine people. They have been donating to different entities of government including $ 22,300 (Shs80m) to OPM,” Diana Atwine the Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary said.

The Coke challenge in response to social media outcry that they had donated only 187 jerrycans.

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