Bobiwine supporters have come come out to defend their leader for scoring an F9 in O level mathematics. This came as a result of city lawyer Male Mabirizi’s exposure of the presidential candidate’s academic documents on social media with claims that Bobiwine can’t rule the country with such grades. Now, a section of People Power and NUP party supporters have bashed Mabirizi asking how failing at a subject determines one’s ability to be anything and why him who passed mathematics doesn’t own anything for himself at his level and age like Bobiwine does. “ If you passed Mathematics and you don’t own a mansion like Bobiwine’s , Keep Quite and don’t shout for us. Math Yakumenyera Bwerere .” A one Bobiwine supporter trashed Male Mabirizi on social media. Mabirizi was further referred to as a failed lawyer who has lost out at every case that he pokes his nose into. We are yet to hear Bobiwine’s take on the matter but the failed city lawyer keeps determined to his aim of downplaying Bobiwine’s ability to govern the country.

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