Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Ministries International – Bwaise has accused the late Pastor, Augustine Yiga aka Abizaayo of Revival Christaian Church – Kawaala of performing false miracles and infecting some of his flock with HIV/AIDS. Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga made remarks at the press conference held at his church on Tuesday.“It’s on record that Mr Yiga had HIV. We have evidence from health facilities and the test was done under law”, Ssenyonga told journalists.Ssenyonga says Pastor Yiga was living a sinful life and misled his flock with comic prophesies. He has offered to take care of children whose mothers claim were fathered by the fallen man of God after thorough DNA tests.
Ssenyonga also offered to extend support in form of counseling and training of Church leaders in order for them to continue with the late pastor’s mission work. Ssenyonga said he made three unsuccessful attempts to pray for Pastor Yiga while he was bedridden to save his soul. The two pastors have never seen eye to eye and have been known for lethal verbal exchange which at one time climaxed into a court suit. Ssenyonga had always accused Yiga of conning his gullible followers with bogus miracles. In 2018, Ssenyonga dragged Yiga to court, accusing him of defamation.

Ssenyonga accused Yiga of using his Television (ABS) to brand him a thief, land grabber, child molester, rapist, criminal and extortionist, hypocrite, and devil worshiper, which Ssenyonga then dismissed as false.

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