NTV’s Solomon Kaweesa quits UJA

Solomon Kaweesa, who is best known for his versatile presentation of news on NTV Akawungezi struck the world 12/12/2020 with his departure from the Uganda Journalists Association. In his tweet, Solomon said, “From today onwards I no longer subscribe to the Uganda Journalists Association. Tetujja kufugibwa bumbula home and away.”
This frustration comes in after many journalists failed to come to agreement with the administration of UJA on when to hold elections for the next President of the association. Sources from within further confirm that many of the subscribing journalists are likely to follow Solomon’s path.
When his term of power expired, Kazibwe Bashir did not seek re-election and many of the journalists proposed that an election for an incoming President be done when it best fits, putting into account the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that the conditions did not favor holding an AGM(Annual General Meeting).However, the administration of UJA insisted otherwise hence having Mathias Rukondo who works with Vision Group take on Presidency unopposed.
According to Andrew Vachss, “journalism is what maintains democracy, it is the force for progressive social change.” the questions then are likely to lie on what happens if the maintainers of democracy have failed to maintain it themselves or where does this leave the people in the media?

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