As earlier reported,National Social Security Fund has announced a move that will see business owners take a sigh of relief but leave many Ugandans unhappy with the fund.

Many Ugandans thought that the fund was going to announce plans on how to give them a share of their money now that they need social security in these hard times,however NSSF has said it is extending amnesty to businesses facing economic distress, meaning that they can reschedule their NSSF contributions for next 3 months without accumulating a penalty.

This amnesty will apply to those in Recreation, Accommodation and Food services; Education; Trade; Transport, Storage, Real Estate & Construction; Human Health & Social Work; Manufacturing & Mining; and Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing.

Just last week former presidential aspirant Dr. Besigye had come out to question NSSF on why they hadnt paid Ugandans from their social security fund since they needed it most now and NSSf said only the law can push them into doing such a thing.Our sources tell us that the attorney general advised against such a move and thats why NSSF took the direction of amnesty.

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