NRM strongholds, Presidential Envoy Catherine Kusasira and Events Promoter Balaam Barugahara continue to throw accusations at each other pointing fingers on who is not loyal how and where.
The bitter exchange comes days after former People Power loyalist and events promoter Bajjo came out and accused his fellow promoter Balaam of being self-centered, selfish and two-faced. Bajjo described Balaam as something “worse than Covid-19, AIDs, and Ebola combined” because of his “evil ways”. Bajjo’s comments made Kusasira put an end to the silence she had endured for some time and she also came out and revealed how the promoter is a selfish person who only thinks about himself on top of speaking ill of others. Kusasira revealed that Balaam blackmailed her in the State House and that he is the worst person she has ever seen. She claimed that Balaam has time and again blocked her from meeting her boss. According to Kusasira, the matter of meeting the president has been monopolized by Balaam who continues to bad mouth everyone to the president. Kusaasira accuses Balaam of painting a bad picture for NRM to the public with his actions. She continued to say that Bebe Cool’s recent silence has been because Balaam blackmailed him to the president.

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