No one is safe, Bobi Wine tells Ugandans

The National Unity Platform President, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has revealed that no one is safe and therefore Ugandans should see this reality. “NO ONE IS SAFE! This is the painful reality that all Ugandans must open their eyes to. My condolences to the family of Gen. Katumba and the family and we hope that he gets well soon,” he said. While posting on his Facebook page, Kyagulanyi says the assassination attempt shows that everyone is a victim of lawlessness. “The assassination attempt on Gen. Katumba Wamala which left his daughter and driver killed in cold blood is another indication that lawlessness does not only affect common citizens but also high ranking members of society,” he said. Former Presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye says Uganda needs fair systems that work for all as a solution to these kinds of violent actions. “Clearly, these are not ordinary criminal acts. Violence and instability will continue to cripple our country until we realize the fundamental importance of having social, political, and economic systems that are fair and work for all Ugandans,” he said. General Katumba survived the assassination on Tuesday as he was leaving his home in Najjeera, Wakiso District. In the same assassination attempt, his driver Haruna Kayondo and his daughter Nantongo Brenda died instantly. The bodyguard Khalid Koboyoit however, survived with no injuries.

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