Nbs TV is in talks to bring back Tamale Mirundi to their station.We can authoritatively confirm that NBS seems to have coiled its tail and want the services of former Press Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi.
Meetings are on going on a daily at a hang out in Rubaga but no breakthrough can be confirmed as yet because the motor mouthed political analyst is hell bent on a few conditions.

The man says he will only work with Kazibwe Bashir and insists that he needs no censorship or prepared questions.However the most contentious issue is with the Mafia who Kin is allegedly protecting.Our sources tell us that Kin is OK with all the conditions but only wants Tamale not to mention anything related to his so called Mafia or even their names.
This condition has ticked Tamale the wrong way and he has said he may not appear for the talks anymore if NBS TV is hell bent on such humiliation.

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