Maggie Kayima, populary known as Nabbi Omukazi, is elated that she is currently out of prison after she was remanded to Kitalya last year on fraud-related charges. On December 11th, 2020, the former Revival Band singer appeared before the Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court on charges of aiding Pastor Siraje Ssemanda to escape from the country via the Mutukula border at a time when Police was hunting him to answer fraud cases. Upon appearing in the court session before magistrate Dorothy Bagyenyi, Nabbi Omukazi denied the charge of being an accessory to the offence. After pleading not guilty, magistrate Ms. Bagyenyi opted to remand her until December 22, 2020 for mention of charges and that is when she was remanded to Kitalya till last weekend when she was set free. She immediately took to socials and expressed how she missed her family and spent the whole Christmas celebrations behind bars but is currently thankful to God who has seen her through the trying moment. Missed my family, Xmas, boxing day, and new year!! E choke me die from dey. missed everything actually but thank God I AM HERE. Nabbi Omukazi As we wait to hear what is next, we welcome her back from the prison with much love.

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