Godfrey Aine Kaguta has sued the NRM Party in the Civil Division of High Court in Kampala.Famously known as Sodo, Aine wants court to cancel the decision of the NRM Tribunal which led to him being denied the NRM flag for Mawogola North Constituency. The NRM Tribunal ruled in favor of a petition filed against Mr. Godfrey Aine in which it established that the elections, following which he was declared the winner, were marred by various irregularities. Such irregularities included voter intimidation, violence and the ferrying of illegal voters. When the NRM tribunal forwarded the matter to the NRM Central Executive Committee ( CEC ), the CEC withdrew the NRM flag from Mr. Aine Godfrey. Currently, Mawogola North Constituency does not have an NRM flag bearer and Mr Sodo was nominated for MP as an independent candidate. In a related matter, Shartsi K. Musherure, also a contestant for the Mawogola North Member of Parliament seat, has applied to the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala seeking to be enjoined to the suit that Mr. Aine Sodo has filed. Shartsi Musherure seeks to be heard on this matter and not to be excluded from the Court proceedings because the outcome of the Court’s decision could affect her candidature. The judge asked the lawyers of all the parties to share with Court their submissions in writing in order for him to give his judgment on the matter on 7th December 2020.

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