In a rather shocking twist of events,M7 has banned movement of all cars whether public or private sighting complacency from car owners.A visibly tired and angry president said the ban takes effect today at 10am and will last 14 days effective 1st April.

The president has also suspended operation of malls,arcades and hardware shops as well as ordinary shops.Only food shops selling agriculture products and medical supply should remain open.

Supermarkets will remain open but with standard operating procedure as well as following health guidelines.

Established food markets should remain open but distance between seller and buyers must be observed and sellers shouldn’t go home in 14 days.

Saloons and lodges have also been closed for 14 days effective 1st April 2020.Social services like banks,cleaning services,garbage collection,Petro stations have been given a go ahead to continue operating as well as URA and UNRA and the Funeral services.

Gatherings of more than 5 people have been suspended and only cargo planes,lorries and trains all other movements will stop and people must stay indoor.

On the part of the sick,government vehicles will be available to take people to hospital on recommendation of the RDC and District health Officer.

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