President Yoweri Museveni has ordered his handlers to get in touch with musician Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo and see how best they can help him while in Ivory Coast.

Kenzo a BET award winner has been stuck in Ivory coast for close to a month after the president ordered for a lockdown in Uganda.This meant that all boarders and airports were to be closed until further notice but unfortunately Kenzo was not yet back in the country.

He has since taken to social media to showcase his plight and just today he put his car up for brags to anyone that was willing to send him some money via western Union.

According to our sources,In a meeting held at state house Entebbe yesterday events organiser and promoter Balaam Baruhagare presented Kenzo’s case to the head of state and assured the president that Kenzo was the bridge to all new age musicians that have taken over Uganda.At first he pleaded that they fly back the SITYA LOSS singer but the President found it complicated and opted for sending Kenzo upkeep along with his band that his stuck with in Ivory Coast.

The money is supposed to have gone to Kenzo on thursday to help him overcome the challenges his facing in the foreign land.We are yet to confirm if he has recieved the upkeep or not.

Kenzo met the president last year in October and presented to him some of the awards he had won in his career. Museveni branded him an inspirational musician and promised to support him in his music career.

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