MPs want curfew time scrapped

Members of Parliament have asked government to review or consider scrapping the 9:00pm-6:00am curfew hours that were announced way back in March as the country was forced into lockdown. The night time curfew has been running for almost a year, as part of the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus disease. It however became hard to maintain after the government eased restrictions and allowed several sectors to operate. Kilak County MP Gilbert Olanya (Kilak County) argue that curfew should either be eased or scrapped as its prohibiting people in the business community to do well with their activities hence hurting the economy. Silas Aogon (Kumi Municipality) was in agreement with Olanya saying that continued preserving of curfew is bleeding the economy to its knees which is unfair because other sections of the economy are working while others continue to suffer. For Kawempe North legislator Latif Ssebagala says that curfew is irrelevant since most sectors are operating and only causing commotion during off work hours. He says even that Moslems are about to enter the month of Ramadan where they are expected to pray up to 10:00 pm, it has to be reviewed or scrapped. “How are we going to fulfill this when the curfew is 9:00 pm. It should either be reviewed or completely scrapped because it is very irrelevant,” said Latif Ssebagala.

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