The Mayanja brothers are no longer at ease after an incident last nite left them in tatters.

Our sources reveal that last evening Weasal,Chameleon and Henry paid a visit to their brother Pallaso in Kyanja who was also at Mimi’s place.Sources say Mimi is a close friend to Pallaso and he usually spends time at her place in Kyanja.

Mimi the gal at whose home the Mayanja brothers went first.She is also a close friend of Pallaso.

When the Mayanja brothers felt it was time to go,they moved the enjoyment to Bijou’s place still in Kyanja. Bijou is Chameleon’s manager.While there Weasel drunk alito too much and went wild.He first went bare knuckles on Pallaso calling him broke and when Henry Kasozi tried to intervene all hell broke loose.He called him all sorts of names on-top of telling him off as a product of slave trade and that for all the years he has been in the states,he vends t shirts.

Henry is the owner of the FLING FIRE label that makes the famous t shirts with the UGANDA 62 label that can be seen in the video Weasel posted on his instagram page burning the shirt.

We are yet to find out what Chameleon was doing all this while and why exactly Weasel snapped all of a sudden and wen t bare knuckles on his brothers however preliminary Intel shows that its a habit Weasel has grown over time.Close friends say every time Weasel gets high on whisky,he decides to get off whatever is on his chest and boom the “MIRACLE” happens.

Weasel is not new to controversy that involves going vulgar and abusive.Just last year,he used vulgar words on radio and weasal fans in their watsapp group claiming they had opted not to share and promote his music but kept singing praises for his departed partner Radio.

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