President Yoweri Museveni announced that the decision to re-open schools and places of worship among other closed sectors will be made on Tuesday as he meets with the national covid-19 task force at State House Nakasero. The meeting will take place at State house Nakasero. Top priority is given to opening schools atleast for candidate classes and finalists aswell as churches with a practical way of spacing. Schools and churches have been closed since March and even when government started on the phase of easing the lockdown in June, they have remained closed due to the fear of the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic. “ We have realized that the numbers can be managed if people are disciplined. Things can be done but the problem is the discipline,” Museveni disclosed during the national prayers at State House Nakasero on Saturday afternoon. The president appreciated Ugandans who heed to the government calls on the prevention of Covid-19 but bashed the people of Kampala who he said listen to many wrong pieces of advise that has turned Kampala into a hotspot of the novel virus with 20 out of the 29 deaths all arising from the capital city.

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