The president of Uganda is set to address the banana republic today at 4pm from State house.Sources near the presidency tell us that the man with a hat is very unhappy with the people at Entebbe airport over what he has called recklessness and heads are set to roll in the harshest way possible.

After 8 new cases were confirmed last night by the minister,it was understood that most of the people that came in last minute from Dubai aboard Emirates and Ethiopian airlines were not quarantined citing lack of resources to handle them.These were released upon getting samples from them and upon return,the samples were positive but some infected people were nowhere to be seen as they had joined their families already something that has put the country at risk.

Its from such background that the president is expected to announce tougher measures to curb the virus or a total shutdown of the country may be on the cards.

We await to hear what he will say and we shall keep you posted.

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