Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the president of Uganda returns tonight to talk to the banana republic about the COVID 19.Unlike earlier speeches,Ugandans have failed to speculate exactly what he is to talk about as the last measure everyone expected was announced the last time he spoke to the nation.

According to his Press Secretary Linda Nabusaayi,the president will talk to the republic at 8am today.Many Ugandans have since taken to calling HE a tv presenter because of his regular addresses but all this is a joke and a time for Ugandans to banter their president.

A cartoon of M7 as a presenter released earlier today by the Daily Monitor.

In other related news,The Queen of England Elizabeth 2 is also set to talk to the British tonight.The Queen is expected to update England on the Corona Virus and shade a ray of hope on how England moves on after this Pandemic.

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