Lydia Jazmine And YKeeBenda Confuse Fans With “Kukyala” Pictures

Artists Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine have confused fans with their introduction photos. Photos of the two of them in traditional attire have been making rounds on social media. Most of their fans have been thinking that these two have made a secret introduction ceremony. However, there has not been a rumor of these two pushing out ever in the media. Just as many people have been thinking, this must be another music video. First of all, because Ykee’s real name is Wycliff so that is the name that would be on the board. The two were standing near a board that had words that read, Lydia introduces Ykee. Any other person would be quick to think a secret function has taken place. Given that we are in covid-19 times and only 20 people are allowed to attend. Meanwhile, if it’s a way of promoting their song, then it will work. Artists love pulling off stunts especially when they are about to release a song. It’s their way of getting attention from their fans. Somehow, the public keeps talking about them, giving them publicity even in the media. This is what has made some songs hits. Speaking of relationships though, Lydia Jazmine has been attached to Fik Fameika and Grenade Official of recent. However, she has denied these rumors since they begun. As for Ykee, lately he has just been so much about the music and social media battles with his fans. Despite all this though, we shall give all these rumors a benefit of doubt until time tells.

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