NTV’s News Anchor Andrew Kyamagero battled with Covid-19 secretly ,but finally he has come and narrates how God gave him second chance of life. During his recent interview on Kasuku Live youtube channel, Kyamagero revealed that he healed for almost month as he was fighting for his life and for now he is doing fine. He narrates that: “During Ronnie Mcvex wedding it started as simple flu and fever, followed by cough and before i knew it ,i had lost taste and sense of smell ,I first thought it was a result of fatigue because i was working non stop i told my wife to give me some pain killers but the situation never changed .My Wife immediately rushed me for medical check up but no fever was found. He adds: “doctors subjected me to Covid and the bad news is my results came out positive and i was taken ICU for oxygen because I couldn’t breath but the reason is most people die because of depression and are scared of environment, I don’t pray for any one to be admitted there. Kyamagero further narrated that his heart started beating so fast because he could see many people in ward dying .His wife kept comforting him and encouraging him to be strong. “Friends, Covid is real ,it is painful and it could devour you .Do not be scared to speak out.Don’t be selfish to stay among your friends when you know you are sick, Mask up ,Socially distance, wash your hands, sanitize ,Lets fight Covid-19 together “,he advised.

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