Musician King Saha is very bitter and unhappy with Jose Chameleon after he accepted Bebe Cool’s advances on his birthday.

Our sources near the SAALA PULEESA hit maker tell us that Saha a very close friend of Chameleon felt betrayed when Chameleon accepted a cake from Bebe Cool who was a sworn enemy to the both. Saha is angry becoz Chameleon who has been very close to him had assured him that he will never be friends with Bebe Cool ever and in a twist of the usual Chameleon style he welcomed,embraced and even shared cake with Bebe Cool.

Saha fell out with Bebe Cool early this year after Bebe put him on his list but cautioned him on being inconsistent and shabby on top of over doing drugs something that angered Saha to date.

Saha has since been bitter with Bebe Cool and made his anger known musically and on social media especially on Facebook.

Bebe Cool surprised Chameleon last week on his birthday when he stormed his seguku pad with a cake.The two later went to Chameleon’s father’s house and cut the cake together with his mother.

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