Musician Edirisa Musuza aka Eddy Kenzo is fully recovered and back on his feet.The BET award winning Ugandan is stuck in Ivory coast where he had gone to perform and couldn’t make it back on time as the president announced a lock down on the airport and country at large.

Rumor was doing rounds that he had been infected with the Corona Virus but he came out to refute the allegation sand said he was down with Ulcers that had disturbed him for sometime and not the Corona Virus.

Today he recieved some food from a Ugandan lady in Ivory coast and had this to say on his Facebook page.

Mwanyinaze stella muna Luwero yandetedde akawunga nemukene esanyu ne limbugana era nakedde mu studio. enkya njakuba ne ka message kembawa mukasera kano.Nkozeyo akayimba bakayita 2020(tweni tweni) omanyi gava mukulya.Thank you Stella otulaze oluganda me and my brother Elly Muhindo my official guitarist Tusima nyo.

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