Kalifa Aganaga is looking for a new place to stay after being kicked out of house over rent arrears. From the video circulating online, Kalifah Aganaga and his boys are seen exchanging bitter words with the landlady and her daughters who had come to lock their house. It is said that the landlady gave Kalifah a grace period to clear his arrears having slept in the house for over 7 months. Kalifah stays in Kabusu and the same house where he stays houses his Studios, Bad Character Records. After waiting for rent in vain, today morning, the landlady together with her daughters stormed Kalifah’s rental and demanded he leaves the house. It’s allegedly said that Aganaga’s meeting with the president over the weekend made the landlord think that he got money hence demanding his rent payments. The heated argument between the singer, his boys and one of the landlady’s daughter that almost ended up in a fist fight.

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