The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga demands that the government should consider re-opening bars. The speaker made the call during plenary last week as Parliament resumed business after a two weeks recess. Kadaga asked why government doesn’t open bars yet they contribute a lot to the government. “ Bars contribute a lot to this country in terms of tax revenue, they are still closed yet “Kikuubo” is packed beyond what Bars can even accommodate.” Kadaga said. She further added that amidst their continued closure, these bars illegally operate in the night and the government has done nothing yet it’s a loss to the country’s revenue. Bars have remained closed since March when the president locked down the whole country, they have remained closed even when other sectors of the government economy like public transport, arcades, malls and beauty salons among others have been re-opened. In the same sitting, legislators took to the floor of parliament following the Speaker’s statement and asked government to fully reopen the economy and intensify sensitization on the implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Well, we are yet to hear the outcomes of the speakers alarm since the President and the COVID-19 task force are set to sit and agree on when to open all the remaining sectors, hopefully the revealers and bar owners cry is heard.

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